Fan Expo Canada 2008

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

August 22-24, 2008

Saturday August 23 2008


2008 was not a great year for me. Grounded for most part due injury. By the time Fan Expo rolled around; I was ready for a change of scenery. I was only going to get to go one day and that day was Saturday since it was also the masquerade. With gear and so familiar Anime London cards in hand I took the bus; being let off on Front Street at Bay to an awaiting Tim Hortons and crowds of fans.


After two years, the South Hall seems like home for Fan Expo. More rooms and open space than the North Hall. The line for tickets were on level above the main floors. It was kind of nice, since I was able to mark my place inline and slip in and out, taking photos while waiting for the line to advance.

Photo Ops


It's quite common for fans to get their pictures taken beside their favorite character or in this case, the same character, three cospalyers and lots of adoring fans. It doesn't seem to matter tha Bobo Fett is getting all the girls. Their partners are the ones taking the picture. The crowd on both sides of a photo op can temproary blocked an ilse momentarily. Really good cosplay for longer but they tend to hang out in the hallways where better lighting and less traffic both coincide.

Gaming at Fan Expo


Gaming was fenced off with Sigining area which was okay but the noise spilled over.

Buzz Aldrin


I passed by Buzz Aldrin signing table. Poorly situated on the corner of major isle way, guests had to line up nearly linear to the table so people could walk through. Since there was little entrances to gaming section, this just happened to be one the few. So I had to keep moving and quickly move on.


Once again the masquerade required a ticket to enter. Gone are the days of Canadian Idol so we were once again in large room with somewhat lit stage.

masquerade green room at Fan Expo


The line up for the masquerade is as interesting if not MORE interesting than the masquerade itself. I can just travel up and down the line and catch cosplayers at their natural state. Talking about the day and thei favorite show or their find from the dealer's room.

After a long 2 hour ride back in the bus, I was back home in London. I could have used the pedal rickshaw to get home.... I was worn out from the day.

Domo arigato, Fan Expo fans.