C.N. Anime 2001

August 25th, 2001
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto Ontario

My early days of C.N.Anime cons were one day trips.  The only thing other than these pictures that I have of 2001 is the Utena bag everyone received.  Not surprising that I found these photos among other photos I took over the years in that same bag.  I had been to Anime North years prior, but this was my first anime con that was run by Hobbystar.  As it was I only spent the Saturday as I had no accommodations at the time. I was using film back then so I was cautious at taking photos and limited myself to one roll.

Even this far back, Brad of Worlds Away was a dealer at CNAnime.

Even then I enjoyed the artist alley, it did influence me in later years. It would be a year later at Anime North that I would challenge the artist alley with the first official art challenge.  It wouldn't be until 2004 that I would challenge the artists with the 4 Koma Project.

Studio of Masquerade Arts in their early days.

Princess Mononoke came out which made it popular with cosplayers at the time.  Many cosplay groups started up like Studio of Masquerade Arts.  Star Wars cosplay was side by side with anime as in this next photo.


For some reasons which escape me, I didn't stay for the masquerade this year.  Instead this nekomimi stole my heart and my pass as I let her use it to see it in my place.  I headed out but took a couple of photos of  Toronto as I headed to the bus depot. I still had one more shot left in my camera so the final picture of the gallery but a favourite place I use to go for coffee and treats in London.