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Given the latest in naval technology, a Japanese crusier and crew heads to joint training exercises with American navy. Only to be caught into a magnet storm, they emerge at their point early... fifty years early ... at the battle of Midway with a choice and a destiny.


Alternative Names: Jipang, Jipangu, Zipangu
Genre: Historical, SciFi
Based on the manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi.



"I was pretty boring so far except the twist with the timeline thing it seemed pretty bland."


"It Sux! Boring!! Definitely No!"


"I thought it was interesting sort of like Bermuda triangle and the Big Guns."


"It's naval series that is a round about slow starter for a Japanese 'Final Countdown'"


"an interesting look at life in the navy. i liked the quirk about the time travel. however I miss the cute girls."


"not bad. a twist on "The Philadelphia Experiment' told from a Japanese point of view. i'd be willing to follow it on a regular basis."

Ms Jadey

"Detailed-oriented, character-focused, and involving ships and soldiers. Very promising. Looks like it will be some action with a lot of character reaction talking after. Not mindless entertainment, but not random scenery abstract art. I really liked that the character designs were all very physically distinctive."


"I'm not really one for war series & movies, but this seems interesting enough. I appreciate the attention to detail in the art, reflecting the detail of the script."

Ultra Rob

"A little slow paced but a good start. Definitely a 'male' manga in it's original form, preferably for businessmen. It's really a Japanese take on 'The Final Countdown' but shows a lot more potential."

Michael Eh?

"Given the influx of a younger group that is high school crowd for our Christmas party this might have been the best first episode to show. The level of character interaction is the hallmark of men's manga. Still an interesting insight to how the Japanese view the changing role for Japanese military from home defense to international participation. This series gives a chance for new military to reflect on how the old guard handled itself as it redefines itself in the years to come."

Guest reviews

The following is the reviews of our guests for the night ... Beal Anime Club Domo ... Arigato ... Thanks for coming out.


"the boat one sucked. I like fantasy. Subtitles too small and fast."


"It was confusing - too serious"


"It was interesting until the the storm hit. After that, I really enjoyed waiting to see what would happen next."


"The storm was interesting."


"Not bad but pretty boring."




"It was pretty boring and stupid, I couldn't really understand most of it."

Club Notes

Review Date: Christmas Party 2004

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