Volcano High Prelude

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Volcano High Prelude

The schools have fallen and the teachers no longer have control. One teacher, Jang Oh-ja, arrives at Volcano High. Other than making Jang Hak-sa angry he took the job of principal, Oh-ja is rumored to carry the Teachers Memorandum; a mythical item that can make the wielder Number One of the Martial Arts Academies. The student body soon become aware and vie for the position of Number One.
Meanwhile, a group of rogue teachers are hoping to use the power of Lightning & Thunder to instill powers to another. However, their plans go wrong when the Lightning & Thunder misses and strikes a little boy instead. When Kim Kyung-soo is struck, the teachers don't expect him to live. They advised Kyung-soo's father that if he should live, he should not attend school because of the jealousy and hate he'll get. Years later, the teachers are aware that Kyung-soo lived and has received powers and they now want to expel him. He is set up and must transfer to the last school who'll accept him: Volcano High.
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Alternative Names: Volcano High Origin
Author: Ahn Chul-jung
Artist: Kim Hwan
Genre: Comedy, Martial Arts
Set before the 2001 film Volcano High that details the events that occur before Kim Kyung-soo arrives.


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