True Lunar Chronicles

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True Lunar Chronicles

Returning home has neve been easy for Tohno Shiki. An empty mansion with no staff and little contact. Yet, he has these dreams of horriffic acts, yet he awakes within his own room. That is until events show him that these things are actually happening.


Alternative Names: Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Melty Blood, Moon Princess, Tsukihime - Lunar Legend
Genre: Action, Game, Horror, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Vampires
Demographic: Seinen
Based on a visual novel by Type Moon. Also adapted into the manga, Lunar Legend Tsukihime.





"It gets confusing at some points but the story has potential."


"An intriguing episode with obligue plotting and chilling confusing atmosphere."


"Well. I didin't get much from the first episode but seems that it should be an attractive one. Hope I can understand more as it goes on.^_^"


"Very good plot, confusing but interesting plot twist."


"too early to have an opinion. I'll wait and see epsiode 2."


"Having seen two episodes I'll say it's an atmospheric aand moody series that builds the mystery well and has good horror action feel to it. My only complaint is that they made the characters a really typical boring bunch of people in an effort to be realistic and deep."


"Once again having to peer past cultural differences makes it difficult to understand but it looks good and has promise."

Michael Eh?

"Last word as always ... the animators try to translate the main character's confusion but fails visually. The animators neglected to do it in a standard tried true methods snap zooms zeroing on a scene or flashbacks with customary sound or look or expression from the main character. Scenes where grizley murders are as nothing happen have less impact being pastel pans or stills. The pop machine trashed the night before hardly goes noticed thus looses the suspense factor. Horror on prozac. Though a good attempt at breaking the mold of cliches but fails."

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