The Law of Ueki

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The Law of Ueki

What?! Our teacher is really one of 100 gods?
What?! Ueki has been given god-like powers to transforms trash into trees?
What?! Ueki doesn't care that if he uses up his 'zai' power, he'll disappear?
What?! Why is all these other kids trying to defeat Ueki?


Alternative Names: Ueki no Housoku
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Superpowers
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, The Law of Ueki.



"The rules governing Zai could have been explained more clearly, but the premise is interesting ad the characters are okay."


"The First-ever Greenpeace sponsored anime!"


"I never knew you could turn trash into trees. Very interesting. Well, at least there is finally is an eco-friendly anime series out there."


"An interesting series although a series that has a boy transforming trash into trees isn't exactly my taste."


"looks entertaining enough."

Der Blue Soldat

"A great concept for a show. Using trash for good is awesome. I am so looking forward for the rest of the series."


"Yay! Recycling!"


"The beginning was slightly misleading. I was thinking about a show that is a card game that I won't mention the name. Anyway, it got much better when he started using garbage to 'zai' opponents. Overall, the outlook is bleak rather cheesy series."

Michael Eh?

"This show has weirdness and virtue. Weirdness is a kid who is offered 'God-like' powers but could careless if he has them. Instead he chooses to fix a shatter tree. Weirdness as in preview before the start of the show is a glimpse of the final battle. Virtue as in Eco-minded without preaching thus turning it into 'making green choices is cool.' Having a character that neither proud zealot or fearful of his new found powers. This show has earmarks of making it here though a '4 kids' treatment where it would get altered, would destroy this show's crazy appeal."

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