Tenjou Tenge

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Tenjou Tenge

From that day, Masataka Takayanagi second year at Toudou Gakuen High, things would change with the induction of two new students into the school. Unfortunely Souichiro Nagi & foriegner Bob Makihara decided that Toudou Gakuen would be their 100th school they take over. Along with the other members of Jyuken Martial Arts Club sisters, Aya & Maya Natsume, they all would discover that this year held more for them then any of them would guess.


Alternative Names: Tenjho Tenge, Tenjo Tenge
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Mature, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from Seinen manga, Tenjho Tenge.



"Not impressive. It was a collection of elements deliberately combined to evoke a positive response with barely a thought beyond ratings. Uncreative and not the least bit stimulating. Thus, the sex and violence were gratuitous and disgusting. I would never watch another episode of this."


"Yay! Senseless Violence! Fan service! More!"


"There is only two words to describe this ... FAN SERVICE!!!"


"Wow... lots of boobie shots. XD Interesting show, that's for sure, great comedy relief for anyone suffering depression."


"Well... that's and interesting transformation scene... Interesting enough. Good Senseless fun."


"Ano? Boobs.. And... fighting 'n stuff? Magic girl combat with boobs?...Boobs?" (Cute animation, funny and well done fight scenes. And boobs. boobity - boobity - boobity - boob...)


"It was so-so interestingly one sided boring fights, but women with interesting ... er... assets. Little substance. (1 of 5 stars)"

Ultra Rob

"A cute but typical fighting game style anime with some good animation, likable characters and a heaping helping of fan service."


"Hmm... Well, it's interesting, what with the fighting and ki-attacks, and, yes, the fan service, but it was a touch difficult to understand over the children's shouting. I've seen better, but I've seen much worse."


"A bizarre teen martial arts comedy with borderline cheesecake piled the the ceiling. That said, it's an amusing show."


"... What the f.... Nifty Intro... the rest is inexplicable."


"nice & fluffy. not great but it might make a good way to break up heavier viewing (e.g.. Gundam Seed, etc.)"

Michael Eh?

"Most saw this anime as it was ... a shameless Rival School clone with far TOO MUCH fan service. Lost was the twin story of two sisters and the real story of one character whose monologue drives the story. Still a plot most otaku can write in their sleep. Frankly without fan service this show would have tanked on air since even it's cliché plot is SO poorly done. Pity that the good elements drowned out on this series but on their own, wouldn't survive the series."

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