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Teen Titans - Sisters
Original Air Date: North America, 2003.
Robin and Starfire are enjoying a night out at the amusement park when Starfire is attacked and aducted by alien device. The Teen Titans stop it. Starfire's sister, Blackfire, shows up and proceeds to steal all her friends. Once again the alien devices show up trying to aduct Starfire again. (Hmm ... aliens aducting aliens.) Only this time they find out that Blackfire is stealing more than just her friends but alien gems as well. Starfire helps capture Blackfire and off she goes to jail.



"Cute. funny. VERY familiar plot though."


"The same old tripe always being churned out by American production companies. I prefer to watch things that wouldn't insult the intelligence of a pile of fleas. The SD (Super-Deformed) was overused and the animators obviously had no idea of what the purpose of SD is. The characters, plot, and theme are identical to the rest of the crap being shovelled out by Teletoon, Cartoon Network, etc. I can't bear to go into the dialogue. There were a few humourous lines, but not enough to support the painful bout of diarhea that was the rest of Teen Titan.


"The plot sucked & Sunfire needed to be short, but the rest of the characters were cool. Cyborg...Robin...beast Boy! Tee Hee!"


"Gee, got the idea people didn't like the plot, no? Well that's beccause it *did* suck. Totally overdone. I liked the animation. Robin's mask was cool. Uh... what else? Oh the gothy girl was amazing! I'm going to be her when I grow up. I think the series could be good if they tried mustering up some original plots."


"Your average Staurday morning faire."


"Funny as HELL!"


"Clever and witty, but I wish it could have followed the Wolfman-Perez concept with more fidelity"


"Loved the mix of anime & North American styles, but I'm still not fond of making Robin younger. I'm more fond of the Batman continuity.

Michael Eh?

"When I saw another episode of 'Premmie Teen Titans', I was ready to 'SCTV' the TV set if it wasn't for that fact we were watching it in the basement. I still do. You can tell the execs had too much of the hands in this one. Characters were pathetic. Worse was Cyborg which manage to avoid the cliche black sterotype. In fact, the character protrayed nothing at all. Starfire was total writeoff. Lame. Raven was only real depth. Strange for a character that spends her time looking for dull and dreary goth sterotype. Plot lines? How could 'galactic' police mistake the two sisters? I guess to them, all Starfire and Blackfire types all look the same. They tried for Japanese look but failed with North American production values set for 5 to 8 years olds. Unfortunely the target age group for kids liking stories about heros is 9 to 13. They aimed TOO low and got a product that is substandard even with Tellitubbies."

Club Notes

Why are we reviewing a North American production, you might ask? Well, for one the opening is sung by Japanese pop group 'Puffy.'

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