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For Kan-chan, he has always known monsters since a child. Not as the beasts nor abominations but as friends. He wishes to be strong so others can know them as well as he does but he is not strong enough to convince others of how he feels so he searches for the one who can help him be strong.

"I want to be strong, Stronger than any ogre, Far stronger than any ogre, Far stronger... Haruka-chan."


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Tactics.



"Sugai! I LUV IT! Give me more sexy Bishie! HAI!"

Ms Jadey

"Geat art, solid story idea. A few more blatant silly moments than I prefer. Very pretty characters. I'd compare it to Fruits baskets with a definite detective spin in the first episode at least. Addendium: 'Epp Lesibians!'"


"i'm not a big fan of pretty boy anime but this isn't bad. a fairly original premise."


"An interesting tongue in cheek supernatural thriller with intriguing visuals and an adorable kitsune regular character."

Michael Eh?

"One series I'm interested in owning. Monsters in this series have more depth and character than their human counterparts. In fact, more depth than most characters in other series. Enough boy-boy interaction to keep the fangirls happy without alienating any 'guys' in the audience. More celebral to combat scenes as Kan-chan tries to save the monster he's trying to stop. How this 'showing of mercy' affects relationship between himself and his orge-eating goblin, Karuka-chan will no doubt be played out. I do like the slight comic relief of the kitsune sidekick. It doesn't get too much in the way."

"Haruka-chan, I choose you. Pocket monster for a more mature crowd."

Club Notes

We started to watch this series but most of the ones wanting to watch had moved on. We ended dropping as those remaining didn't care for the series at that time.

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