Onegai Teacher

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Onegai Teacher

For Kei Kusangi, the universe had stopped, but at that moment the universed moved. Movement as in a spacecraft carrying an young human-like female. Was it a dream? The next day, the class is treated to a new teacher .... her .... the one who appeared to Kei last night. If matters weren't bad enough, she moves in right next door ... but was it a beginning of a dream? .... or a nightmare? .... or had the universe decided to move for Kei, right next door.

Onegai Teacher ©2002 Bandai Visual, Bandai Entertainment


Altername names: Please Teacher
Genre: Ecchi, Romance, School, SciFi
This series was spun off into a sequel, Onegai Twins.



"Strange premise that makes in near impossible to figure out the true nature of premise frpm the first episode."


"Half funny, half serious -- not sure which side it will eventually end up as, but I'm thinking funny. All of the character sdesigns seemed marginally unique; I particularly like the disparities in height. Looks entertaining and Marie is very cute."


"Must see! Must see! Must see!"


"i enjoyed it. fast-paced and imaginative. I like to see more."


"Titulating, very."

Michael Eh?

"If only I had a teacher like this in school. sigh! NOT! Somewhat interesting take of student-teacher romance though it should be called, 'My Homeroom Teacher is an Alien.' The opening runs like an H- game. The premise is anything new but it's presentation and characterizatrion is 10 out of 10."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004
We watch an AMV based on this series for our Christmas party.

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