Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

For Nonaha it was the ideal life. Ideal girl with an ideal family in an ideal city. Yet, she feels lost and directionless. That is until she hears a voice .... "Lend me your strength..." The voice leads to an injured ferret. While at the vet, the ferret calls out again to Nonaha. She comes to only find the veterain place trashed and some monster determined to end the life of this ferret. No ordinary ferret but a magical person from another world. Taking an oath with the help of the ferret, she takes on the power to tackle the demon before her....


Alternative Names: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Genre: Magical girl
First of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha triology with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS being the latest.



"Kicked ass! combo of Sailor moon and Card Captor Sakura. Need more episodes to enjoy. Awesome series!"

Lady Erika

"Definite do I love it and the ferret. Best graphics seen in a while. got to get more."


"It was very funny and I hope we can get some more episodes."

Ultra Rob

"A typical Magical Girl show, cute but nothing new. Well animated but noteworthy for the use of CGI to render some characters instead of just machinery."


"Basically a modified retread of Sailor Moon with higher production values and more likable character. Cute ferret though."


"How cute. I have a bit of weakness for magical girl series, and this one is sweet without being obnoxious. Plus, it has a Draco-ferret! I wouldn't mind seeing more, but there are others I might like more to see too, I suppose."

Ms Jadey

"Well, it's Magical Girl anime -- tried and true. If you like the genre, you'll really like it. If you dislike the genre, you'll really hate it. If you're ambivalent ... you'll probably be amused, at least."

Crazy Leo

"Just another typical 6 year old girl getting magical powers to fight the forces of darkness."


"I'm a sucker for Magical Girl shows. My bias opinion aside, this is a very funny very well drawn show! Bring us more! This I command!"


"one of the better magical girl shows. charming without being obnoxious. i'd be willing to see more."

Michael Eh?

"I am more than surprised at the group's 'overall' like of this show. Magical Girl genre has been pretty well mined out until now. Still there was something wrong with animation, I and others couldn't put right until the scene of Nonaha running to the vet clinic. They used CG forms of the characters for fast paced scenes. O_O!!!
The shocked hit us all at the same time. It appeared nearly flawless with traditional 2D cell. We as an industry have really fallen behind the times. Production quality has risen with Japanese and Asian animation SO much that even Toy Story seems old. Japanese have turned Hanna-Barbarara techniques along with digital cell painting and 3D CG assisting into a fine art. An art which takes an old tired genre like a 'magical girl' show into new heights."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004

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