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I keep having these dreams. Dreams about breezes and white feathers. I keep breaking down doors, looking for the exit.


Genre: Fantasy, Spirits



"Good art, not much more than introductions. Seems pretty action oriented and interesting."


"not bad, worth a second look."


"For a while this looked like it might get kind of dark and tedious, but at the last moment the hero hopped dimensions to end up with the usual fantasy bad, a fairly old good guy and super sized monster and a cute girl with a bare midriff. But with his dying friend, weird mom and lot of aggressive cops back home, there'll be enough story material for both worlds. If so this should be good."

Michael Eh?

"Finally, an anime I found that sucks?! Well, almost. Yes, it is your loner who travels to another world. Only problem is the world he's escaping from is more interesting than the one he escapes to. Fantasy or not, it's pretty cliché in anime standards. Monster summoner animes are 100 yen per dozen. The main character Zed is lacklustre who remains one dimensional in a two dimensional anime."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2006

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