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Based on Ozuma Tezuka's Pheonix, it covers the journey of one soul throughout the history of time.


Alternative Names: Pheonix
Genre: Drama, Historical, SciFi



"Well animated with an intriguing story of greed and betrayal. Just the kind of story I should expected from Tezuka."


"looks like an attempt at an epic tale. not bad, but it doesn't grab my attention."


"Dull and BORING!!!"


"I have to say that the series has potential but one has to watch more than one episode to really understand it."


"A little slow, but it's an older style story so that's to be expected. Well animated and well done, it brings The Phoenix to life [as] a new incarnation of an old story."


"It's pretty (except for the people), an a really nifty idea, relying a little too much on outside knowledge I don't have. The symbolism and composition is pretty cool. Plus it upset Pat, which is never a bad thing. =^_^="


"Very Artsy. It's been a while since I've been that bored. But at least you could watch it with the kids. I have nothing clever to say. So here's a banana."


"I sense the beginning of a long journey."

Michael Eh?

"I found the prehistoric Japan setting refreshing from the current anime offerings with this episode. Hi no Tori (bird of fire) first episode is part 1 of the story so It's is understandable that the group were lost at the end. It is intended for older audiences who grew up on Tezuka's works in Manga rather than with his other more popular animated shows. Hinotori is one of the works which is late coming to the screen. It looks wonderful even though the style is out of step with large section of anime works now. Still Tezuka stands out."

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Year Reviewed: 2004

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