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So what is it like to work for a world famous animation studio, Studio Ghibi. This pair of animation might give you some clue.


Genre: Comedy, Ghibli
Ghiblies is shorts internally produced by Studio Ghiblies staff. One of the two I understand was released as an extra on one of the DVDs.



"I think Ghiblies 1 and 2 was an anime that had not much of a plotline. The artwork is not that of recognized anime but it is still considered anime. It was emphasized with humourous plotline using exaggeration. 3 out of 5 is my grade towards it."


"Short,funny. cute and sweet. Very well animated.Proves they have too much time on their hands."


"I liked the difference in the animation between first and the second in general ^-^. The storyline was entertaining and i liked how it switched between each animated shorts. <.< Transitions were done pretty smoothly."


"Odd, funny and sweet. Somewhat reminiscent of the wonderful works the studio puts out. ^_^"


"Funny and surprisingly touching in parts, this series is a fair inside look of the imaginations behind Studio Ghibli."


"Fantastic, Adorable, loveable, funny... this was really, really, good stuff. They use some nifty animation techniques in these shorts too. Really high quality stuff folks. This is something that all studio Ghibli fans need to see. Once again they don't disappoint."


"I thought the Ghiblies were funny but U like more of Inu Yashu and Ronin Kenshin type anime. It was still cool. (I'm new.)"


"The first epsiode was what you'd expect from something never meant to be realeased, but as the second played out it's artistry became apparent. At times episode 2 was very sweet and others quite strange, but the whole thing was fun to watch and though much less mainstream. It retained the artistic value of the studio's wonderful films."

Michael Eh?

"Part 1 was pure in the fact it poked fun at personalities within the studio. Part 2 was 'toure de force' of what the creative minds within Ghibi can create. If this is any indictation, Studio Ghibli will remain the premeire studio for decades to come."

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Review Date: Day of Anime 2005

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