Gear Fighter Dendoh

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Gear Fighter Dendoh

From the heavens crashes a meteor and cascade of colours fly off. A lone girl collapses on the beach.

17 years later, an alien invasion appears but not without resistance. Tokyo is attacked along with other cities with one exception. Here lies the heart of the resistance to the invasion, Gear Fighter Dendoh! ... and two boys who will pilot it to save the world .... with a little help from mom! :)


Alternative Names: GEAR Senshi Dendoh, Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance Fighter Dendo
Genre: Mecha, SciFi


Ultra Rob

"A cute example of Sunrise's Super-Robot series of shows. Cute characters, good mecha, but too collectable for it's own good. It's an infomercial for toys at a new level of the time. (It precedes Yugioh by several years.) Toy-rific!"


"Voltron Wanna-be."


"Great cartoon kid heroics; alien invasion, giant robots, and a secret organizations."


"Well, it gets points for Ginga's patterns ... And Mina might like that it's a kid's series ... And it's slashy ... But it's just a combination of every other series."


"Flat --- I was bored. Some points for the two-man mecha, but aside from that, nothing. I also recognzied an irritating number of elements straight from other shows --- was there. Nothing Original they could think of besides the two-person mech?"


"It just strikes me as just another mecha-alien invasion with a cute dog and an interesting control interface for the pilot."


"an intersting take on the fighting robot genre. i think i'll keep it."

crazy leo

"I wonder how long it will take before these toys hit North Amercia since this series is a 30 min. commercial"

Michael Eh?

"You will believe a giant robot can break dance. Mysterious woman with a Char mask. No real mystery that it's one of the two kid's mom. Still the BEST 'double take' scene in anime history. The series seems so 'old hat'. A large problem due to it's been 3 years since the series has aired. (Aired in Fall 2000.) Still this contains all the elements of the gendre with the two pilots arguing like the 'left and right sides of the brain.'
Still it is an example on how Japan have reused routines to go beyond cliche and have been looking abroad for new ideas to inspire a newer set of shows."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2003

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