Starship Operators

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Starship Operators

For the cadet crew of the new ship, Amaterasu, it was suppose to be a shakedown cruise. That was until their world was attacked by the Empire. What was their options for saving their world? Surrender? Mutiny? Take over the ship? With the collapse of the company on their world who built their ship, the cadet crew of the Amaterasu barter the two things they have ... the Amaterasu and themselves for support and supplies to fight the Empire. Their sponsor ends up being the 'Galaxy Network'.

The same network which also transmits to the Empire but can the crew hold true to their mission and to their contract?


Genre: SciFi, Space


Starlight Knight

"Very Interesting."


"I liked it very much. Please show more eps. Kind of reminds me trek with Gundam Seed [mixed in]. Hope to see more."


"My only major beef is with the fanservice-sque female uniforms. Otherwise seems to be an interesting space odyssey that takes it's subject seriously (but not too seriously.) Large interesting cast and up-to-date art quality. Good sci-fi so far."


"a promise interesting and imaginative enough to make up for it's dull title. i think this is a keeper."


"A rather intriguing variant space wars series about a shy green crew who star in a reality show. As tense (as it is) exciting. Potential abounds."

lady erika

"reminds me of trek kids Japanese style. I like it. Looks like it maybe exciting to watch."

Michael Eh?

"at first I thought this tired old anime plot of 'space crew single-handedly saving the universe', would be boring as those before it. However the drama is on personal level with the crew making the 'deal with the devil', aka Galaxy Network. I thought 'Oh great! Anime meets reality TV.' Instead they take their clue from Reality TV and serve up a solid drama."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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