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Robot Girls Z

The Robot Girls Z trio, a.k.a. Team Z, is a unit assigned to promote the future energy source Photon Energy, as well as eliminate any enemies who seek to take Photon Energy for themselves. The team's members are Z-chan, a reimagining of Mazinger Z; Gre-chan, a reimagining of Great Mazinger; and Grenda-san, a reimagining of UFO Robo Grendizer, and they're all in girl form. Usually, the team operates from the Nerima Ward Oizumi Academy's Photon Energy District, in Tokyo.
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Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
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Knowledge of Go Nagai ( and probably Getter Robo) absolutely required.

Michael Eh?

Funny tribute to famous giant robot animes of all time. Maybe a little too moe for some folks taste but I can see the cosplays of this going on for years.

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