Hiiro no Kakera

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Hiiro no Kakera

The 17-year-old Kasuga Tamaki's parents are suddenly transferred to Africa, prompting Tamaki to return to the beautiful countryside, to live with her grandmother Ugaya Shizuki. On her path up the mountain she encounters a small fluff-ball-like god, and then is attacked by strange one-eyed beings, drowned gods, attracted to those with the blood of Princess Tamayori. Onizaki Takuma, sent by Shizuki to pick up Tamaki, only barely saves her.
As Tamaki's grandmother explains: The village is surrounded by a barrier that seals away the Onikirimaru. For a long time the Tamayori princesses have kept the magical sword sealed away, but the seal has started to weaken, agitating the local gods. Since Tamaki is the next Tamayorihime, she has to succeed her grandmother, and thus it now befalls her to seal away the Onikirimaru again...
Tamaki will not have to take on this daunting task alone, since the members of the Shugogo family — gruff Takuma, short-tempered Atori Mahiro, quiet Komura Yuuichi, and mediator Oomi Suguru — are bound by blood, sworn to protect those of Tamayorihime blood.
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Alternative Names: Scarlet Fragment
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Demographic: Shoujo
Adapted from Idea Factory's Hiiro no Kakera otome romance game. Also adapted into the manga, [Hiiro no Kakera - Mezame no Kiza].


Okano Kousuke as Atori Mahiro, Shimowada Hiroki as Inukai Shinji, Miyake Marie as Kasuga Tamaki, Namikawa Daisuke as Komura Yuuichi, Sugita Tomokazu as Onizaki Takuma, Hirakawa Daisuke as Oomi Suguru, Isomura Tomomi as Aria, Nagano Yoshikazu as Ashiya Masataka, Ueda Youji as Drei, Yasumoto Hiroki as Ein


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