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Author's Pet

High school student Yuta bumps into a man outside the train station, injuring him. The man's name is Tsubaki Nishijima, occupation novelist. In exchange for crippling his arm, Tsubaki demands Yuta work like a slave every day! Today's job is to take exact dictation of Tsubaki's words. Whaaat? What's with this perverted depiction of "Come"...!!! Isn't this sexual harassment?
from June
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Alternative Names: Sakka, Dorei wo Kau
Author: COTORINO Deathco
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
Demographic: Josei
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*giggles madly* Oh how I find this cute and funny! "your my assistant *handcuffs pop out of nowhere* hey wait were did those..." lmao sooooooooooooooo funny *grins* To me this is defiantly classified as the 'cutesy' comedic kind of romance, full of short stories and a kiss or two that makes you smile. Its very 'tame' considering what I read more often than not XD but overall its enjoyable and would probably be thought of as a good read by most 'first time yaoi-ers' or the ones that prefer something more romantic and not graphic at all. Its on the same level that Little Butterfly is, though Little Butterfly is a better read.

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