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Mister Mistress

Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy - horny and girl-crazed. Like many boys his age, he enjoys spending ‘alone time’ in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing… you know. Unlike many boys his age, Fujimaru has a demon incubus, Rei, lurking about his house. Rei wants nothing more than to feed off of Fujimaru’s perverted mind! Now Fujimaru’s life has become strained with being a normal boy whose raging hormones are the source of a demonic incubus’s food.
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Alternative Names: Aijin Incubus
Author: SHINBA Rize
Artist: SHINBA Rize
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Yaoi
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So first thing, yes it really is yaoi XD but not a lot, there is also lots of images from Fujimaru pertaining to girls in a rather pervy sense LOL *droolz* and then theres Rei... MMMMMmmmmmm sexy demon =D but not just any demon *grins* no that wouldn't be any fun XD he's an Incubus who feeds off sexual desires.. but only MALE sexual desires... need I tell you were this is going. This is defiantly something that made me laugh the plot is just funny as hell.. and the art overall is really well done. The characters personalities do seem a little over done at some points but that only adds to the amusement of it all. Overall this is defiantly something you'd read for a good giggle and some hot demon raiding mind perv action XD not really graphic in my sense of the word but still enjoyable either way. This is soooooo on my MUST READ yaoi list! Its funny and upbeat fairly fast paced and really who doesn't like a good story about a sex demon?

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