This Ugly and Beautiful World

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This Ugly and Beautiful World

Takemoto Takeru, an ordinary high schooler, encounters during a bike delivery for his part time job a strange light. When he stops and searches the surrounding, he observes in the forest a cute girl named Hikari climbing out of a sparkling cocoon. Takeru instantly falls for her at first sight, but suddenly a monster appears at the same spot and attacks the girl.


Alternative Names: Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Science Fiction
Adapted into the manga, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.


EVA Geek

"GAINAX are genius. I absolutely loved this show. The monster reminded me of Evangeliion Angels. The story was great and the show was visual and exciting."


"I find at this point I could take it or leave it or leave it. I might watch more if someobe was showing it like today but I don't think I'll actively seek it out."


"Though the title interested me, I saw nothing in the first episode I hadn't see before. Nothing really urged me to see more but I would sit and watch it if I was in the position to do so."

Necrona Relix

"Love Hina meets Power Stone, I suppose. This was pretty good NOT grand but good."

Michael Eh?

"It seemed like a typical alien girl with boyfriend hero defending her against the monster but the ending of this episode made me questioned who was the 'real' monster... the evil looking creature or the girl herself. After all, beauty is deceitful."

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