Tenbutsu Angel Rabbie

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Tenbutsu Angel Rabbie

Humanity makes much progress through a combination of science and magic, until a large war breaks out. Many years later, the magical city of Sosarium (constructed on the Moon) sends an agent down to Earth to make sure history does not repeat itself as civilisation starts to rebuild itself. That agent is known as an "Angel".

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Alternative Names: Divine Punishment: Angel Rabbie OVA, XX Angel Rabbie OVA
Genre: Comedy, Magic, SciFi
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"it was mildly interesting with somewhat interseting animation overall, i give it 2 out of 5 stars."

Daggered Thief



"I was happy to see this turn out not to be an average magical girl anime. besides her transformationsa nd body armour, it was great how she seemed to use the guise of magical girl while being backed up a huge force from outer soace. NEED THE MANGA! ^^;"


"Bland & uninspired. Nothing Special. Also conaged due to one episode release."


"Character's are cute, background is rich and well detailed, mecha mixed with magic girl. I just love the battle suits. I think this is going to be a must see but I hate that it is only one episode."


"At first, it seemed to be strapng up to just another magical girl series, but I watched I was impressed by the transformations. Both the fact that her appearance changed and that her battle armour was ARMOR! Full body covering armor. The only thing that dampens this OVA is the fact that to see more I would have to find the manga, but it is something I intend to search for."

Michael Eh?

"Oddly the cheap budget of this anime worked in it's favour. The transformation sequences were brief but didn't stop the action but became part of the action. Simply the transformations from one to another was in 'real time' with the character was dodging the monster. 'Wonderful!' Also having music done by Under17 help immensely. :)"

Club Notes

Review Date: Day of Anime 2005
Everyone was bummed out that this was only an OVA and not a series.

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