Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai

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Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai
Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai
Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai
Seiken Gakuin no Makentsukai

Awakening from magical stasis after a thousand years, the Dark Lord Leonis suddenly finds himself in the body of a ten-year-old boy! He quickly meets Riselia, a girl confronting the Voids, creatures that have nearly exterminated humanity. Determined to uncover the mysteries of this strange new era, Leonis enrolls in Excalibur Academy, a school that trains students to fight back against these enigmatic monsters. Could the Voids hold some connection to Leonis's past?

Se réveillant d'une stase magique après mille ans, le Seigneur des Ténèbres Leonis se retrouve soudainement dans le corps d'un garçon de dix ans ! Il rencontre rapidement Riselia, une fille confrontée aux Vides, des créatures qui ont presque exterminé l'humanité. Déterminé à percer les mystères de cette nouvelle ère étrange, Leonis s'inscrit à l'Excalibur Academy, une école qui forme les étudiants à lutter contre ces monstres énigmatiques. Les Vides pourraient-ils avoir un lien avec le passé de Leonis ?
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy
Author/Auteur: SHIMIZU Yuu
Artist/Artiste: TOOSAKA Asagi
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Life
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
Adapted from light novel series/Adapté de la série de roman de lumière,


Michael Eh?

What's a demon lord going to do? Everything he knows and does is obsolete. What does he do, goes to all girls school. Nuff said.

Mr. G

Show uses a blend of magic-as-technology; guns, smartphones, ear-piece communicators, etc.. The art has a nice, contemporary look to it. Gettin' the ol' "harem fantasy" vibes from it. Really nice eyes for the characters in this one. The writing isn't anything special; seems straightforward. ANother show where an overpowered kid reawakens with his superpowers and goes to school showing up everyone else.


This shows potential, but I could do without the ten-year-old protagonist.

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Date reviewed: October 3, 2023
Watched along with Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou

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