Psycho-Pass 2

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Psycho-Pass 2

In the near future, it is possible to instantaneously measure a person's mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes with a device called the Psycho-Pass installed on each citizen's body. When this probability, measured by the "Crime Coefficient" index is too high in individuals, they are to be apprehended with lethal force if necessary. This task is performed by a special team comprised of Enforcers, which are selected criminals in potential who pursue other criminals, and Inspectors, police officers making sure their partners don't take things too far. Each enforcer and Inspector holds a special weapon called "Dominator", designed to fire only on those with a higher than normal Crime Coefficient. The story follows Enforcer Shinya Kōgami, who must solve and manage crimes in this dark future.
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Genre: Action, Cyberpunk, Detective, Drama, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Romance, Science Fiction
Demographic: Shounen
Also see the anime Psycho-pass. Also adapted into the manga, Inspector Akane Tsunemori


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