Night Head Genesis

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Night Head Genesis

Two brothers, both gifted pysonics, both dangerous in their own rights. Break free of their prison and head into real world.


Genre: Sci-fi
This anime is based on a TV drama, “NIGHT HEAD”, which aired in 1992.



"It's a psychic adventure from the mind of ... no, wait ... that was Psyconauts and it was good. This was just plain strange. This just reinforces he fact that I believe that children are dumb but hey, that's just me."


"Mysterious people, weird psi powers, angst that pretty much sums it up."

Der Blaue Soldat

"Low budget! I believe so, if not I am disappointed in the minds of the creators. I would not watch again. The main characters are probably dumber than the creators."


"We basically learn nothing in the first episode. All we know is the brothers are your typical anime psychics. They were taken to an institution as children. now they're adults and they're out. that's it. Nothing happens. All establishment with no substance. Ok character designs, mediocre music. Nothing I saw suggested that I should other watching any more episodes."


"OMG! The main character(s) is dim-witted to say the least. I would not recommend this to anyone really. I didn't really like it."


"Strange anime. Drawings are so-so. Simply NOT my type."


"In summary, too many plot flaws, too many unnecessary prologues and I would like to point out that for psychics they are rather stupid. Nay, I say Brain dead!"


"first episode shows promise. i'd take a chance watching more."


"Not much happened we found about the two main characters."

Michael Eh?

"Anime psychic version of Dumber and Dumberer. Tries hard to be Fire Starter but without the Gov. conspiracy. This is another pretty boy manga which doesn't translate to anime at all. There were pauses which it seems the production staff seems to put in so yaoi fan girls can MS3K it to death. Sadly if there was some yaoi scenes then it would have some redeeming values which doesn't say much for this show."


Hmm. Night Head Genesis.. I suppose it wasn't awful, though it seemed very flat and there wasn't really anything to like about the characters. I got a bit tired of the whining. Nothing original about the story either. I find it pretty difficult to judge anything by a single episode so I might watch a couple more to see if it improves.

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Year Reviewed: 2006

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