MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse

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MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse
MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse

In the year 1973, alien species known as BETA (Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race) came to invade earth. During the next 30 years, they have conquered most of the Eurasian continent, effectively decreasing the world population by billions. In response to their unique behavior, a new type of mobile mechanical humanoid weapon was developed, known as Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF).
In the year 2001, elite pilots from around the world start to gather at a UN base in Alaska named Yukon to participate in the Prominence Project. This project is a joint effort between Russia and America on research and development of next generation of TSF. The job of the pilots is to test the prototypes, which occasionally involves pitting them one against another...
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Alternative Names: Total Eclipse
Genre: Ecchi, Game, Mecha, Military, Science Fiction, Tradegy
Demographic: Seinen
Based on MuvLuv Dating Sim game. Also adapted into the manga, MuvLuv Alternative: Total Eclipse - Manga


Noto Mamiko as Inia Sestina, Nabatame Hitomi as Kriska Barchenowa, Nakahara Mai as Takamura Yui, Nogawa Sakura as Tarisa Manandal, Sugita Tomokazu as Vincent Lowell, Ono Daisuke as Yuuya Bridges, Ishihara Kaori as Cui Yifei, Honda Takako as Fikatsia Latrova, Tsuda Eizou as Frank Heinemann, Koyama Rikiya as Ibrahim Dogulu



Well, that was really obvious about it's hentai game origins. Had a bit of Sakura Taisen vibe to it with more focus on getting to the story than it's predecessor. A little rushed but might have potential.


The animation for the introduction was really interesting. It mau have been better to see the same style throughout. The changes from really light-hearted to dark wre very sudden. Could be worth watching more.


I felt pretty drawn to this show. It was interesting and the flow of it is pretty smooth.

Michael Eh?

Felt like watching a train wreck. Freezing was better in the ecchi department but the suit up scene was more a break from the monotone story writing and dialogue. It just drags on. Much like Starship Troopers but the bugs make it to earth. For me, Total Eclipse was a Total Bore.

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Date Reviewed: Sept 9 2012

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