Midori no Hibi

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Midori no Hibi

For Seichi, lucky in love isn't as lucky as in fighting. Midori is a girl who waits in the shadows of subway station only watching for a glimpse of Seichi. For some unknown fate or reason, a pouting Seichi finds this girl connected to him .... literally .... to his right hand! After years of striking out with love, has fate thrown him a spit ball or olive branch. Only time and fate can tell.


Alternative Names: My Days With Midori
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, School



"This cartoon is SO wrong, but yet feels so right."


"extremely original. this should be interesting."

Ultra Rob

"A heartwarming tale of a man and his right hand ... One of the most original anime I've ever seen."


"Very cute. very strange but cute. Unlikely situation to 'grasp' but fun."


"A very strange sitcom with real heart and cleverness."


"Best hand job ever!"


"It's and entertaining anime that knows it's entertaining, capitalizes on it, and runs with it. Also most amusing and unique premise ever."


"Heehee. It's very cute but I just can't get over the lack of explanation here. Why did this happen? How? And where, exactly, does she end? And will the subtitlers ever learn proper punctuation? Inquiring kitties want to know."

Michael Eh?

"First thought, this to be a comedy with sex gags. In part it is, but in really it's a thesis on a boy's aggressive behavior and the beauty trying to tame it. In one way, he sees being tough isn't enough. In another, he finds his behavior can hurt others, even those who care and he knows little about."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2004
At the end of showing the first episode, I prepared a show clip with the picture of the Limited Edition Midori handpuppet with the caption Only a 1000 made ... Thank God.

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