Metal Armour Dragonar

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Metal Armour Dragonar

Three youths take on the enemy of with power armour.


Alternative Names: Kikou Senki Dragonar
Genre: Oldschool, Mecha


Ms. Jadey

"Classic 80s animation style - on acquired taste and nothing to write have about, but not bad. Nothing grabs me about the story or the characters - a passive watching experience. Passionless, even. Interesting to see how similar it is to late mech and space colony shows with regards to technology design - perhaps it influenced the genre?"


"Well, we all know how I feel about old anime with nasty out styles, and we all know how I feel about futuristic story lines focused on technology, and we all know how I feel about shornen anime ... I think we can see where this is going. (However, I will do pretty much anything for more Kamen Rider 555. Anything.)"

Lady Erica

"I found it ok but I think I would rather watch something else."


"dated. i found myself yawning. i'll pass on it."


"I love it. It's great, funny characters good token black guy. It's like gundam meets Scary Movie. ***** (out of 5)"


"I wish I had seen this when I first got into anime . Not bad certainly, but there's nothing that I haven't seen in more recent episodes of my favorite space mecha shows. The fact that this was made before most, and you can see so many similar traits is a sure sign that this must have been an inspiration at some point, and several elements can begun in the genre today. Cool, but... I'm bored. I really wish I had caught this earlier. Bonus points for token black guy, but ... If you really watch any modern shows, the only reason to take a look at this to keep in touch with the roots."


"This is absolutely hilarious. The main character in very funny. It kind of reminds me of Gundam, but alot funnier. I would like to see more of it. ***** of 5"


"While this episode benefits from a stark opening, the fact that series is a Gundam clone is glaring obvious with older pilots."


"Well traveled path of Giant Robot Fighters. The grandfather of many others."

Joe. S.

"Cliché abound in this show, allowing for lots of laughs with the right group."

Michael Eh?

"Retro. While many say it's dated and cliché, it was forerunner by which everything else is cliché. Token black guy syndrome would lead to more visible race characters before it was political correct. Much stronger characters have evolved including in live action as 'Mr. Jay' from Kamen Rider 555.

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