Mai Otome

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Mai Otome

She was a simple girl who wanted to be a Otome like her mother. Unknown to her she carries a lost secret which a kingdom searches for and it's enemies long to destroy.


Alternative Names: Mai Oto-Hime, Mai Otome, Mai-OtoHiME, My Otome, My ZHiME,
Genre: Action, Comedy, Magic, Super Power
This is the second series based on the same character designs of Mai Hime.



"The title character is this show is pretty annoying, so I watched Nina instead. At first, I didn't like her but if she has the patience to last a full season without millisecting Mi or stuffing her into a reactor core. The least I could do is watch the show if the opportunity comes up again."


"Very good story seems fun and the action is good."


"entertaining. i wouldn't mind seeing more."


"Could prove to be interesting good build up to the plot so far."

Michael Eh?

"The show reminded me of an old RPG campaign I once played. While that campaign went south for me this show has many tried true elements. Lost Princess, Evil Dark Knight and some of the best back stabs lines found in any anime. This series uses the same characters from Mai Hime. They should have gone with this series period than run Mai Hime first."

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Year Reviewed: 2006

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