Lupin Zero

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Lupin Zero
Lupin Zero

Lupin III, a bored junior high schooler in Tokyo, takes an interest in a young Daisuke Jigen, a mysterious and impressive marksman. Lupin III strikes up a conversation with Jigen at a nightclub, however during their talk, Jigen concludes that Lupin III is simply a privileged and naïve boy from a well-to-do family and doesn't want anything to do with him. However, while helping the nightclub singer Yoko, who is being pursued by the yakuza, Jigen learns that Lupin III is a descendant of the legendary thief...

Lupin III, un lycéen ennuyé de Tokyo, s'intéresse à un jeune Daisuke Jigen, un tireur d'élite mystérieux et impressionnant. Lupin III entame une conversation avec Jigen dans une boîte de nuit, mais au cours de leur conversation, Jigen conclut que Lupin III est simplement un garçon privilégié et naïf d'une famille aisée et ne veut rien avoir à faire avec lui. Cependant, alors qu'il aide la chanteuse de boîte de nuit Yoko, poursuivie par les yakuza, Jigen apprend que Lupin III est un descendant du voleur légendaire...
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Author/Auteur: Monkey Punch
Artist/Artiste: Monkey Punch
Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery
Demographic/Démographique: Seinen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga


Michael Eh?

Even as a kid, Lupin is a force to be reckoned with. Still how does a kid get a gun? It's Moneypunch light at it's best. A little more dated for the era it protrays from. Slightly different take on Lupin franchise.

Mr. G

Interesting prequel series to the famous Lupin III anime series, loosely based on the fictional french thief of the same name. They are high school delinquents who definitely break the rules of expected norms: smoking, drinking, and USING FIREARMS. :-/ Show uses the classic art style, but with a more modern animation budget. Has all the hallmarks of the previous seasons: action, comedy, femme fatales, and good music.


Interesting to see Lupin and Jigen's character development as youths. Like the anime's take on American story. Quite fun to watch.

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Date Reviewed: January 3rd 2023

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