Kamen Rider Double

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Kamen Rider Double

Hard Boiled Detective Agency has it's hands full. If it wasn't bad enough that they have to deal with rampaging monsters but the hardest thing of all, a new landlord. For Shotaro Hidari and Phillipe, that might be the hardest case to crack.


Alternative Names: Kamen Rider W, Masked Rider Double, Masked Rider W
Genre: Action, Comedy, Detective, Live Action, Science Fiction, Superpowers
Demographic: Shounen
The eleventh series in the Heisei period run of the Kamen Rider Series.



It was interesting like a comedy version of Power Rangers.


This seems to have a nice balance of goofy characters, that the actors mamange to bring to life. I'd watch another episode to see if they are able to maintain the energy.

Michael Eh?

After the serious tone of Kamen Rider Decade, it was time for light comedy of Kamen Rider series. Taking a cue from Kamen Rider 555, they hit the right mix of two lead actors which fan girls there and here will swoon over. Great balance of characters, costumes and special effects which blend seamlessly into a fun plotline.


a fairly imaginitive re-working of the kamen rider. i like it.

Club Notes

Review Date: Sept 27, 2009

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