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It is said that Lewis Carrol wrote a third book, "The Endless Alice". There are those who still believes that it does exist ... in the hearts stories of those who seek it.


Alternative Names: Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo, Key Princess Story Eternal Alice Rondo
Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Magical Girl, Romance, School Life
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Eternal Alice Rondo



"based off Alice in Wonderland but it's smut. Kinda weird but worth a watch if you like smut that is. (Smut lite)"


"All the female characters look like rabbits. Story wise, there isn't much depth."


"I suppose if I were a big Alice fan, I might actually care, if Onii ever gets to read 'The Endless Alice' but it's always fun to watch girls thrust giant keys into each other's cleavage so I'd watch it again. Unless there is were something more interesting to do, like sorting my sock drawer."


"interesting premise. execution is mediocre though."

Michael Eh?

"What can I say? This one is one of the trash in a sea of anime out there. I wonder what the heck the Japanese translation of Alice in Wonderland is like after seeing this. Even the production staff were not enthuse about this project as they left all sorts of notes hidden in the backgrounds of this show. Just page back to the plot page and read the text in the book used as background."

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Year Reviewed: 2006

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