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Honey and Clover
Honey and Clover

Takemoto lives in a run-down student apartment, where his greatest worry is when he'll next be able to afford to eat meat and whether he'll get to class on time. Although he's away from home and living on his own, Takemoto is far from finished growing up. Along with his crazy cast of friends, Morita, Mayama, Yamada, and Hagumi, Takemoto sets out to discover life and his true self.
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Alternative Names: Hachimitsu to Clover, Hachimitsu to Kuroubaa
Author: UMINO Chika
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Tradegy
Demographic: Josei, Shoujo
Adapted into the anime series, Honey and Clover and Honey and Clover II as well as a live-action TV series.


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