Hell Teacher Nube

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Hell Teacher Nube

Nueno Mesuke, better known as "Nube", is a school teacher who does more than just teach. You see, Nube`s left hand is a huge, nasty-looking demon`s claw. He uses it to get rid of malicious demons, ghosts, spirits and other supernatural beings that are giving his students a hard time. Nube`s left hand was normal, until one fateful day when he exorcised an extremely powerful demon from a child. He was outmatched and lost his left hand. The only way to fight it was to let it enter his body. As a result, Nube has a demonic left hand where his own hand used to be. To educate and protect -- that`s what Jigoku Sensei Nube does.
(taken from Animenfo)


Alternative Names: Jigoku Sensei Nube



"Fairly funny. Main character look like a cross between Onizuka and Inu Yasha."

Michael Eh?

"Old school anime with school comedy with demonic twist."


"I like the 'good guy with Demon Hand' concept and the light fantasy approach, but the characters are pretty one dimensional and the story certainly didn't hold me interest. Too bad."


"Pretty good for the time it was made. Kind a funny in a not so serious way."

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Review Date: April 10 2007

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