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"ah pardon me."
"You come to save the town from the Wild Bunch?"
"No, can I have a glass of milk?"
"You have a lot of guts coming in here. What's your name?
"Van the unemployed? Van the loser?
"No just Van."
"Um, could I have a glass of milk?"


Alternative Names: Gun Sword, Gun versus Sword
Genre: Action, Mecha, Western



"It's an acceptable translation of a spaghetti western into the anime genre. It needs more regular characters though. (Hopefully adults.)"


"reminds me of trigun ... i like it."


"It's like Trigun, Gundam and Cowboy Bebop, all in one."

Crazy Lee

"Very good take on the wild west theme. Reminds me of the Wild Arms games on the PS1, PS2 console systems."

P-chan (aka Demonic Princess)

"WEIRD! but Kool.. still weird thou(gh)!"


"A very strange mixture of Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, Trigun, Hellsing and many other shows. At first glance it seems to lack originality; appearing to be mostly derivative (of the above mentioned). It does however show promise to develop further in the future. Also has strange 'stretched' looking character designs which are a nice change from the very squashed designs of Gundam Seed. I wouldn't mind seeing more if the opportunity presented itself."

Michael Eh?

"Trigun with Spike as 'Van'. Armour aka mecha design is fairly novella and reminiscent of 5 Star Stories. However, the armour moves as it kick boxes it's opponent makes combat sequences exciting. Wendy character is the only child of the show who using Van to find her brother. Taken by a man with a clawed hand who has connection to Van's past. Yes, it very cliché of anime but still hasn't forgot the object is to entertaining even though you're serving up leftover character and plot devices. Peeking ahead at episode three should have every Morphin' Ranger fan standing up and cheering. That episode I would put down as the best episode of the year."

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005

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