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8 years ago, a great lion brought a child to Earth. 6 years later, alien Zonders crashed into Tokyo. Yo stop the destruction of the Earth, this child, this lion and the might of Earth must turn back the tide that claim worlds. To be more than brave ... to be the King of the Braves.


Alternative Names: Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar, Brave King GaoGaiGar
Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha



"funny entertaining. Just plain fun to watch. More special moves than a bad video game."


"Kids, but not tantrums. Adults but no angst. Monsters devoid of plausibility and a strong without a trace of realism. Oh and lots of destruction. Pretty close to perfect."


"good fun."

Michael Eh?

"We had watched this show ages ago. Alas the supply of fansubs vanished. We haven't even begun to see the good parts. Even after all those years, this show is still fresh and vibrant. What a Saturday Morning kid's show should be and more. Everything is larger than life, the monsters, the villains, the heroes, the acting. Old school anime but still fun as heck to watch. Watch this show and rediscover again why anime, even the old school anime, is SO COOL!"

Club Notes

Year Reviewed: 2005 As mentioned we watch about 20 episodes before giving up this series. With a new influx of fansubs, we found it easier to start again rather than continue since our membership had changed so much. What hasn't changed is no matter the fact this series is dated, it is still well loved and watched. What Saturday cartoons was always meant to be before Interest Groups ruined them. Just plain unadultrated FUN!

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