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Doujin Work

The protagonist, Osana Najimi, sets foot in the world of Dojin-shi (self-published manga) when she is invited by her classmate, Tsuyuri. At first, she experiences culture shock, but is also influenced by Tsuyuri and Justice, a very popular dojin author and her childhood friend. She then announces that she intends to make a killing in the dojin market. Although Najimi is not good at drawing, she is determined. On her long road to success, both fans and rivals appear.
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Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Slice of Life
Demographic: Seinen
Based on a 4-koma comedy manga, Dojin Work - Manga by the well-known doujin mangaka Hiroyuki, serialised in Manga Time Kirara.


Michael Eh?

This parody of the doujinshi artist is much like Comic Party but more twisted and really brings out why things like comiket is SO popular topic of late.


I really liked the contrast between the deadpan brunette and the hyper redhead as the latter is first unsettled by her friends line of erotic manga (doujinshi) then inspired by the thought of making her fortune that way. But I would have enjoyed it more if they were older looking - like a lot of shows it doesn't seem to distinguish between school girl and woman.


very simular to Comic Party Revolution only with a female lead character. mind you i liked Comic Party Revolution.


Funny, mice and short. Made with Otaku in Mind.

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Date Reviewed: Nov 11 2007

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