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It's been months and the wiki has been running excellently. Now the fun part ... to format the wiki to fit the PSP small screen.
Michael Eh? 22:05, 10 July 2007 (EDT)

After compleing second pass, I started adding manga and book reviews to my home page. Also I've started using more and more graphics. Main page in process of being change to use more graphics. Not to meantion learning the wiki's strange markup language.
Michael Eh? 5 May 2007

Completed second pass of the database. Review format updated as well as images added where possible.
Michael Eh? 2 May 2007

After over a week after installing an extension which brought down the wiki, we manage to restore the wiki.
Special thanks to Bryan at
Michael Eh? 29 April 2007

Page format continue to evolve. Added images to pages. Lists of shows moved to their own pages.
Michael Eh? 12 April 2007

begin to transfer and format anime reviews from 2007 to wiki format.
Michael Eh? 1 April 2007