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Cobra the Animation TV

Cobra is a notorious Space Pirate with a laser gun as his left arm. But, he was tired of being chased by the agency in space and decided to lead a regular life by changing his face & being wiped of his memory.
3 years later, he is a regular person leading a regular life. He is tired of his lifestyle. For fun, he goes to see a "Trip Movie" that allows him to see the dream of his choice. When he saw his "dream", he saw his memories of when he was the notorious Space Pirate Cobra. However, he didn't know that was his memories. As he is going home, he meets up with someone who had a grudge with him. There is a little scuffle, and learns that he actually has a laser gun on his left hand.
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Alternative Names: Space Adventure Cobra TV, COBRA THE ANIMATION
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Demographic: Shounen
30th anniversary production of the manga, Space Adventure Cobra.



The setting may be futuristic but everything else is pure 1960's - the plot, the bad guys, the courageous but helpless babe and her humongous cleavage and most of all the hero with his gun-arm, his flowing red mane and the cigar that doesn't leave his mouth ... even when he's getting beaten up. It's just the kind of retro trash I need when I feel like turning off my brain.

Michael Eh?

A remake which maybe sticks a little TOO much to the original. It might be better to re-release the original series than just to simply do it again exactly as it was. Animation and story telling have improved alot it's a shame it's not here. Other remakes have done service to the old while making it seem new without compromise. On the other side, it's retro story which gives you a look at where we've have come from.


as a rule, i'm usually not enthusiastic about these series remakes. both characters & plot come off as one dimensional & the humor is typically inane and predictable. COBRA is not an exception. i think i'll pass.

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