Chrno Crusade

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Chrno Crusade

Late 1920's New York City. A crack team of exorcists wait for any trouble. What we get is Rossetta, a crazed over-active nun with guns and her sidekick, elf-earred ex-demon Chrno. With a habit for creating more destruction than the prey they stock, it's a comedy of errors and nuns in this period piece show.


Alternative Names: Chrono Crusade
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from the manga, Chrono Crusade.



"From the moment the opening rolled, I loved this anime. The opening song was enjoyable, the animation is high quality, and the show is full of likable characters. Top it off with good voice actors, great settings, awesome action, and light hearted humour and you have yourself a spot-on anime."


"funny, must see."


"quite entertaining. it seems to be a cross between Hellsing and Dirty Pair."

Ms Jadey

"Nuns and their cute elf [eared] sidekicks will save the world! I keep wanting to confuse it with Gestalt or Van Helsing. Nice animation, though nothing out of the ordinary for style. Good Gothic series with explosions, gore, and cute female character designs."


"Does the work of ten she says, and causes as much destruction as a 1000."


[Sigh. I'm so used to my username.] "I very much like the art style, and the idea of exorcist nuns is pretty cool. It reminds me a little of Van Helsing actually. I want to find out more about the demon [b!tch]boy, though. And I want him to wear a habit. And the bloomer shots are sweet."


"Given though the premise has been done before, it was well thought out. Rosetta reminds me a lot of Kei from Dirty Pair, including her doing ALOT of collateral damage."

Michael Eh?

"fairly good crowd pleaser for our group. I have seen other episodes of this show but this is first time for the first episode for me. It is more lighthearted opening than the darker episodes later on but main plot threads are present. The pair of Rosetta and Chrno are more like unto Slayers than Dirty Pair though. Both Chrno is more or less a pack mule for Rosetta's arsenal. Setting it in 1920's New York is definitely a departure from the usual Made in Japan feel. What North American animation could have been if it weren't for censoring the animated media to a parent group's idea of child's level."

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