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One day the high school student Yachi Haruaki received a mysterious black box sent by his father from abroad. It was a "Cursed" object which could assume human form. The black box whose name was Fear came to Haruaki wanting to rid herself of the curse. Together with Haruaki and his boarder Konoha, Fear decides to do helpful things in order to neutralize the negative energy that was built within her, to be free from the curse that bound her.
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Alternative Names: C³, Cube×Cursed×Curious
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
Adapted from Light Novel series, C3. Also adapted into the manga series, C3.


Tamura Yukari as Fear, Chihara Minori as Muramasa Konoha, Kitamura Eri as Ueno Kirika, Kaji Yuuki as Yachi Haruaki, Asumi Kana as Miyama Kana, Mako as Mummy Maker, Ogura Yui as Ningyouhara Kuroe, Oohara Sayaka as Peavey Barowoi, Iguchi Yuka as Sakuramairi Shiraho, Saitou Chiwa as Saverenti


dark draygoon

I'm leaving this alone.


Where did he get those panties?

Light Trainer

Ok I admit it was cute but a little weird.

Michael Eh?

This was an episode?
Some way, it seems like it is a terrible abridge of the light novel... all of it. Seriously, too much is just glanced over or even bother with storyline. Even the main character seems unimpressed with naked girl suddenly turning up. Even weirder premise she was the cube in the first place. It's okay. Dad seems to have sent junior Weirder stuff. Not to mention he seems to have set of clothes for her. Sorry Fear you're not the first one. It's bad that this show seems to be the standard generic plotline. It's not even bother to give it the generic production value leaves me with the idea that this genre needs to be put to rest.

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Date Reviewed: November 13th 2011

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