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Typical day for Kurosaki Ichigo. Typical if you can see ghosts and has an overbearing dad who also has martial arts way of displine. Typical if you count two demonic entities wanting to snack on your soul. Typical if you can break a binding spell of a Soul Reaper....

Not so typical when in the heat of the battle, your family is in danger and the Soul Reaper is on her last legs with an overpowered demon. What is a 15 year old high school student to do?


Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
Demographic: Shounen
Based on Tite Kubo's manga, BLEACH.


Ms. Jadey

"Overly cliché. The manga was much better."


"Although the beginning has a problem with plot coherence, this is still stylish martial arts ghost series."


"Well... I think it was kind of stereotypical. Think Sixth Sense with Final Fantasy sized swords. Not really enough in the first episode to hold my interest."

lady erica

"Neat, I like anything with swordplay."


"Cool. It was funny with half way decent story line. Kind of Six Sense meets anime. Please show more."

Michael Eh?

"I see dead people and they are annoying me! and that phrase does fit with this anime. I agree that the pacing of this story seemed twisted and bent to fit the first episode of Bleach. Sadly they failed but manage to salvage it with some comedy relief."

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