Area no Kishi

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Area no Kishi
Area no Kishi

Aizawa Kakeru is an energetic and dedicated eighth grader who serves as the manager for his school’s football team. Though he was well known for being a talented player the previous year, an accident during one of his games caused Kakeru to vow never to play competitively again. Still passionate about the sport, Kakeru dreams of one day becoming a professional football trainer so that he can work alongside his older brother Suguru, the ace of the school team who has represented Japan in international competition.
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Alternative Names: The Knight in the Area
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Sports, Tradegy
Demographic: Shounen
Adaped from the manga, Area no Kishi


Sanpei Yuuko as Aizawa Kakeru, Itou Shizuka as Mishima Nana, Tahara Aruno as Aizawa Chichi, Sakuma Rei as Aizawa Haha, Shindou Kei as Aizawa Mito, Fukuyama Jun as Aizawa Suguru, Ishida Akira as Araki Ryuuchi, Suzuki Chihiro as Kunimatsu Hiromi, Shiraishi Minoru as Nakatsuka Kouta, Mizushima Takahiro as Nishijima Shigeo


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