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Currently, we have a private section of the forum for those invited to play test MediaWiki on Anime London.

Anime Review Staff

President: Michael Eh?
Past President: UltraRob
Members: der Blaue Soldat, Doug, Heekun, humanbean, Risu-chan, Zelman,
Saunders Anime Club: Lord of Arcania, Dragon, Kitty haibane, Shadow, Tali,


It seems our forum spammer has moved onto the wiki. Since mediawiki logs IPs, we'll soon be able to track this spammer not onto to his spam sites but to his localle.
Michael Eh? 17 August 2007

After getting the wiki back and second pass which setup the page format for the raw review data, I started with some style change for the front page as well as add my own manga reviews on my home page.
Michael Eh? 5 May 2007

Initial transfer of past reviews are complete and page format somewhat formalized. I will begin with fixing up the main page and start adding security and mulitmedia patches.
Michael Eh? 9 April 2007

Current projects is to come up with a format for review pages. At this time the reviews of 2007 are being worked on. The existing data from review section has been transfered and fleshing out the rest of the data which has to be created. Stuff like review date, review year, a better plot synopsis of the series other technical information about the show.
Michael Eh? 1 April 2007

I will be working on sprucing up the interface and ironing out the settings. Also there might be momentary outages as the original upload to the directory was corrupt.

I will be posting links to editing wiki as well as discussion on what format the review wiki should take. As well, I will try to work with UltraRob to get a list of shows we watched prior to the website and when we started reviewing.

Getting started MediaWiki

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