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AI no Idenshi
AI no Idenshi
AI no Idenshi
AI no Idenshi

Dr. Sudo Hikaru who "treats" robot and humanoid problems when humanoids with artificial intelligence account for 10% of the population. The doctor, also has the undercover name Moggadeet, under which he secretly takes on illegal medical procedures. Example, a man who inadvertently infected his humanoid wife with a computer virus when illegally backing up her data, Sudo proposes an operation to rewrite her memory using backup data. Could an existence replaced by backup data truly be said to be the same as it was before?

Dr Sudo Hikaru qui "traite" les problèmes de robots et d'humanoïdes alors que les humanoïdes dotés d'une intelligence artificielle représentent 10% de la population. Le médecin porte également le nom d'infiltration de Moggadeet, sous lequel il entreprend secrètement des procédures médicales illégales. Exemple, un homme qui a infecté par inadvertance sa femme humanoïde avec un virus informatique lors de la sauvegarde illégale de ses données, Sudo propose une opération pour réécrire sa mémoire à l'aide des données de sauvegarde. Une existence remplacée par des données de sauvegarde pourrait-elle vraiment être considérée comme la même qu'avant ?
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: The Gene of AI
Author/Auteur: YAMADA Kyuuri
Artist/Artiste: YAMADA Kyuuri
Genre: Cyberpunk, Drama, Science Fiction, Slice of Life
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga


Michael Eh?

Modern problems never change, even in the future world as this story. This takes us where we might be heading. Sort of Black Jack for androids. Slow set of storys but may not be everyone's taste.


I appreciate the attempt to build a drama around questions of personal identity. It's a topic which I normally find fascinating, but I found this show short on ideas and long on angst, so I have to pass on this one.

Mr. G

I really liked the first ep for this one; emotion, drama, the questions of futurism and AI... all good stuff. And the first ep starts off big, making it about family.


The idea of how artifical people would integrate with humans should we ever develop such things is one of the oldest quesions in science fiction. Asimov, Ellison, Dick - they all tackled this quuestion. Comparatively, this show does not do very well. I do like the aniation style, and the idea of a fully integrated society is interesting, but where it loses me is the way they interact. At some level, there is still a disconnect. Maybe that is intentional, but being able to access the "file system" of a "person" is somewhat disconcerting. Other avenues have explored how the lines between flesh and artifical might blur as time goes on, whereas in this show, everyone is fully aware of where the line is. Instead of being an allegory for discrimination, it instead takes on another meaning - one that I personally see as weaker.

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Date Reviewed: August 8, 2023

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