Toronto Anime Con

December 5th 2004

Convention Report

This year return to TAC was fulfilling for me since allot of people already have bookmarked Anime London.  In a sense, we have become a 'fan service' in a positive sense. (Not the 'nudge nudge wink wink' type of fan service.)

I had come with pile of cosplay posters of CN Anime from this August as well as 4 Koma Project. Both posters were cleaned out by the end of the day. One girl complained she didn't make either cosplay posters from us. Unfortunately, CN Anime cosplay poster was a rush job and thumbnails were randomly picked. Gomen!

As well as the usual cosplay picture taking, I manage to talk several cosplayers to wear the 'Laughing Man' logo mask. An interesting 'con' game and everyone had a good time with it.

It was also disappointing that I forgot to bring the 4 Komas sent by some of Japan's artists for Mark from Dragon Mango to add to. Instead Mark started one to be sent back to Japan for artists there to add a panel or two. Still I bought several things like new snowflake ornaments.

Also One of the stores Sunset Anime  was also promoting a Garden City Anime Festival  in St. Catherines this upcoming July 15 to 17, 2005. 

One other side story, A guy came up to me and said, "You don't remember me, do you." I didn't immediately recognized him out of costume but it was Zero who on Thanksgiving Day was in full Vash attire. He was the start of a whole new section in our NEW cosplay section, Random Acts of Cosplay. While those who participated into Laughing Man gag, will join this section, I figure I let him and you all know that Zero ... Ya da Man! and has graced our front page for nearly two months now. He is an inspiration to you all. :)

In this day of allot bad stuff happening out there, you, the fans of anime, have chosen to spend your teenage years cosplaying, drawing manga and eating pocky as oppose to 'Sex drugs and Rock n' Roll' or as your parents' parents put it.... 'Wine, Women and Song.' While the terms for the same thing have changed, you kids have changed for the better. At least than those around you.  For once I agree with 'The Who', 'The Kids ARE all right!'

If you don't know who THE WHO are, ask your parents. ;)