Tears to Tiara

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Tears to Tiara

After a Demon King named Arawn who was sealed away for 1,000 years is being relaesed by girl named Rhiannon (who is made for sacrifice for his ressurection) releases him, they start to travel together and she becomes emotionally attached to him.
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Genre: Fantasy, Game, Harem, Romance
Demographic: Seinen
Based on the strategy role-playing eroge by Leaf.



I need to (see) more!


The plot seems like something that has been done many times before but something about Arthur wants me to see more.


The pilot focuses on building suspense at the expense of character development, but this series could be good if the girl continues as a main character since the suspensee is all focused on her.

Michael Eh?

Okay the down side this opening episode didn't go far enough to further the story. It seem to waste time stalling the story to make sure the ending was where Demon King Arawn just meets Rhianna (sp?). It is hardly cliff hanger material. With Arthur being her brother than being a love interest it might be a good character exchange between Arawn and Arthur. We get none of this but it's implied in the opening animation.

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Review Date: June 14th 2009

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