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Story goes that two stones ruled over a Suothern Island. One Blue which control desire and one red which was pureness and light. So it begins.


Alternative Names: Papuwa 2
Genre: Comedy
Hard to believe this is a sequel to Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun



"Well, that was... odd. I kinda like the distrubing island of transvestite animals. I'm just surprised Kotaro's not called Shota. Heehee."


"It's too ... too... um."


"Some things should never cross the pacific, and this series is one of them"


"Weird but srangely compelling, I want to keep watching to see just how strange it gets."


"Bad, boring, senseless and utterly uninteresting."


"Utter bizzarre and completely enchanting. The meld of crazy loo? show with perma-SD talking animals and action hero adventure show, both art and respective plot elements, is unheard of but achieves and unsetting harmony. And it is funny as hell. Long live drag queen fish."


"What are these manga-ka on anyway? Definite proof that mind altering chemicals are common among the anime industry's creators ... Not much like Pokemon, eh?"


"Oh Dear God!"

Michael Eh?

"Weirdness in the third degree. Wonderland on crack. Bad puns, weirder characters, Demon child, lackeys of evil corporation. While not entirely sane, this show is oddly aim at a younger generaton. While there may be dozens of productions being shown, this is one of grade 'B' animes, yet beats the sanitized version of stuff that ends up here."

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