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Meet Sawaki Tadayasu, the second son of yeast preparation suppliers, who is forced to go to an agricultural university and continue the family business. He has the unique ability to see microbes. He and his friend, Kei, are taken in as students by the fermentation-process obsessed Itsuki-sensei. This manga follows Sawaki as he tries to make his way through university as discreetly as possible…which is almost impossible if you’re as unique as he is.
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Alternative Names: Tales of Agriculture
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life
Demographic: Seinen
Adapted from the manga, Moyashimon - Manga. Also adapted into the anime, Moyashimon Returns.



The idea for this anime certainly is different than most. Usually there would be someone would see things like ghosts. In this case, they see microbes! Aside from that I think it has good quality as a comedy anime and at the mostthe microbes, themselves are pretty cute. If you want to learn something and/or have a good laugh, Tales of Agriculture is a good recommendation.


It's original funny and educational and the characters are kind of amusing. But there's no story to speak of, and I just didn't see anything that would hold my interest. I did like the look of the girls but the prettiest one wasn't so ... no.


fun without being over-the-top, informative and with intereting characters. this goes for both 1st and 2nd seasons.

Michael Eh?

Are real classic, it stands the test of time even 5 years later.

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