Darker than Black

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Darker than Black

In Tokyo, a bizarre field appears that is impossible to analyze. Coinciding with this "Hell`s Gate" is the appearance of humans possessing new forms and new powers. These criminally insane beings are fearfully called "Contractors" and sometimes brutally murder others.
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Alternative Names: Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha, Darker than Black -The Black Contractor-
Genre: Action, Detective, Drama, Science Fiction, Superpowers, Suspence
Demographic: Seinen
Prequel to Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini. Also adapted into manga, Darker than Black and Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hana.



Seems interesting ... seems to be a detective type story but may appear to be more.


This is reasonable job of extablishing an appealing and gorgeous and I presumably brilliant main character, and dropping her into a noirish setting of cops, spies, and superpowered people who seem to owe their powers to a possibly horrific otherworld presence. Throw in a confused but heroic foriegn echange student for the geeks to identify with and you've got the making of a pretty good dark SciFi adventure with a formula but effective romance on the side.

Michael Eh?

Read or Die fans can rejoice as Darker than Black delivers a superpower setting Darker than R.o.D. The superpowers are fresh take with the contractor twist which gives a dark side of power with a price. Unfortunely the first episode is actually a two part episode so trying to fully crasp what and who's who proves intersting. Things are not what they appear to be which some shows just just throw weird illogical twists, Darker than Black manages to not fall into contradicitng itself in the process using this mostly overabused plot device.


kinda original premise. fairly conventional otherwise.

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Date Reviewesd: June 10 2007 and June 12 2007

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